29 April 2011


Yellow is the color of fear in the world of Green Lantern.

The Yellow Lantern Corps or rather the Sinestro Corps strikes fear into their enemy heart. Their members are capable to instill fear.

yourself is someone you should fear, holding you back when you want to press forward to achieve glorious victory. You succumb to laziness when you should get out of comfort for greater change and greater good.

Yesterday mistakes and bad experiences, if you could not overcome them, will be your fear.

Yearning for something and afraid of failure in achieving it is also fear.

Yelling people also strikes fear to some.

Yapping dogs to some can be fearsome too.

Yolk of the egg was feared for high cholesterol and people are still debating whether it is true or false.

Young people have this fear of aging.

Years passing by and if you notice it, reminding you are not that young anymore and instill fear of facing death soon… If you are not prepared for death.

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