14 April 2011


There this one area at the root of your fingernail that is called Lunula or Lunulae for plural. It is Latin for little itsy bitsy moon. It does look like a half of little white moon on your finger.

What is so special about this tiny part of your fingernail you ask?

Sometime, when people passed out or fainted, when we try to revive him or waking him up, we poke needles or pins and may also pinch him hard to get him to wake up.

Yes, the pain is good to sort of shock him to wake up. Just that, by doing that, you are also may endanger his health. Using unsanitized metal i.e. the needle, will not only pierce and cut him, bleeding him and exposing him to various contaminant but you may also pass disease to him. The needle point may be rusty and dirty with god-knows-what-sort-of-microorganism sitting there. You might infect him with even serious health condition.

Pinching might also work, but you may leave mark on his delicate skin. If you pinch with your fingernails, you might even leaves a small cut on the skin, exposing him to various contaminant and passes god-knows-what-sort-of-microorganism from your fingernails. Again, you might infect him with even serious disease. That person, if he revives, might also bring you to court for inflicting him with wounds.

So here is where Lunula comes in. All you have to do is apply some force using your fingernail on the Lunulaa.

This will cause a great shocking pain but leaves no traces of damage inflicted on the person. You save him and you are not adding more health problem to him. The next best thing, you are also safe from any assault claim.

You can also use it to really hurt somebody without leaving a mark on his or her body

Use it wisely…


M Pax said...

Interesting little factoid. I wonder if there will be a rash of these attacks now. :)

Karen Walker said...

I just love learning new terminology. Who knew? thanks.

Hart Johnson said...

So you aren't of the 'throw cold water on them' school? This DOES seem a sort of rotten form of torture--you don't have to push very hard before it hurts, but who would believe them!?