01 April 2011


It is APRIL again!

Do you know that April used to be the second month, earlier in the Roman calendar but pushed to be the fourth month when January is used as the first month. People in the world are still not sure where the name April derived from. It may derive from the word aperire which is “to open” in Latin, being the season when trees and flowers begin to “open” is in this month. It is also possible that April is named in honor of the Roman goddess, Venus.

Aprilis was suggested to be originally her month Aphrilis, taken from her Greek name Aphrodite (Aphros) or from Etruscan name Apru.

The fourth month in the year in the Gregorian calendar is the month I was born in and shared with few other favorite characters of mine.

Kamen Rider debuted on the 3rd 1971.

We will be watching Kamen Riders 40th Anniversary Film on the 1st of April this year.
Super Sentai appeared for the first time on 5th 1975.

Their film will be out this year to commemorate 35th Anniversary.

Gundam series started on the 7th 1979.

Here is a link to this webpage I stumbled when I did research on the month of April. It is a list of celebration in the month of April. I love to read and do craft. Thus I am proud to say that:
National Card & letter Writing Month
National Decorating Month
National Poetry Month
National Library Day is on the 12th
DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Day is on the 12th
Poem in Your Pocket Day is on the 28th

You can read the rest of celebrations they have in April in the link I had provided here.

It is interesting to know that McDonald’s Day is on the 15th.

I just had a very good experience with McDonald recently which I will blog soon.

My first entry of the month… Happy April!

Facts on April gathered from Wikipedia…
McDonald outlet photo taken from here.
Pictures taken from websites after googling their names...
There this one cute girl that I know of and her birthday is on the 10th.


Inside Out said...

Great information on April! From Ontario, Canada.

Jeanne said...

I liked this post on April. It will come in handy this month. I am adding my name to follow you for the A-Z Challenge.

DarkErebus said...

Thank you for dropping by! I am glad you find my first entry is useful to you. All the best for the April Challenge!