15 April 2011


I had bought Musha Gekitou (Heavyarm) in the year 1995 if I am not mistaken. He is actually one of the member in a team of three. His other team members, I did not get to buy due to financial constraint at that time. Every time I went to the toys shop, I kept promising myself to get his other two members to accompany him. That wish gets to realize only in the year 2009.

I was surprise to find an SD Gundam from the year 1990’s at this one hypermarket at where I stay at the moment. The best surprise was to be able to get my hand on Musha Full Armor Gundam

as well as Musha Gekitou. Unfortunately, their team leader, Musha Eifu Kyujuuichi was nowhere to be seen. Never mind that, but to have few more Musha Gekitou and his friend is like a dream to me.

You see, I bought this Kazaguruma Hyakushiki and Zakrello set
few years after I bought Musha Gekitou.Need to paint them so they will look like the drawings…

In the set, they gave new set of armors for both Musha Gekitou and Musha Full Armor. With that, they can be changed into another form called Raijin Gundam and Fuujin Gundam respectively.

To be able to see them in their different forms, I need three of each SD Gundam. So I bought another two Musha Gekitous and three Musha Full Armor. It was excited to be able to built Musha Gekitou, remembering how clumsy and green I was at that time. I was disappointed that Musha Full Armor's face is not as good looking as Musha Gekitou.

I painted them right after I cut them off from their runner. It is easier to paint them before you put them together. I will also do the panel lining after painting the parts. This time around, I did not use a file to file down the bits left after cutting them off the runner. I started to practice using the hobby knife to make a clean cut. Not a bad job I will say so myself…

Here is Musha Gekitou and his buddy, Musha Full Armor. Each has a bazooka. Musha Gekitou has two katanas and Musha Full Armor only has one katana only.

Here is the power up Musha Gekitou and Musha Full Armor. If you do not have one of them, you can still do the power up form albeit it is not a full form. You need to do parts swapping to achieve the full power up form.

Musha Gekitou takes Musha Full Armor’s bazooka along with its shoulder armor piece to turn into his power up form.

When I look at him in this form, it somehow reminds me of RX77 Guncannon

Musha Full Armor power up form takes Musha Gekitou’s shoulder armor piece and armed himself with his arm scissors and blade. He also put on his shoe pieces and donned a mouth piece.

Musha Gekitou is named Raijin Gundam and Musha Full Armor is Fuujin Gundam in their third power up form.

They put on magical armor that imbued with the natural element of lightning (Raijin) and wind (Fuujin). They give up their bazooka to don this new armor.

Raijin has new horns for his helmet shaped like lightning and a new right shoulder piece which also hold his two katanas. He also has a spear with his old horns attached to it as a new weapon.

Fuujin has new horns too on his helmet and a shoulder piece for his right arm with wind motif. He still retains his shoes with its extra pieces which also help him to stand straight while holding his hand cannon.

Here are Musha Full Armor and Musha Gekitou in their respective forms.

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