23 April 2011


I had started with yet another plastic model in my effort of turning the mountain of plastic models smaller…

This is my first time building a mobile suit that is not a Gundam. Let me think again…


Yes, my first time it is.

All this while, I had been putting together Gundam and Gundam only. Why I never bought other mobile suits you ask?


Financial constraint was one of the issues. If you have certain amount of money, you really cannot buy a lot of models. So in my case, I straightaway choose something that I really like which is the Gundams. I did wish I could buy some enemies mobile suits to create diorama or something like that…

I was lucky enough to come across a great bargain! There this sale and Tierens was selling cheap.

Thus I bought 3 Tieren models. A small army of Tieren for myself!

Tieren being a mass produced mobile suit, will not look good standing alone. For me, to make Tieren looks good, 3 units at least is a must.

Now, MSJ-06 II-A Tieren is Gundam 00 world’s Zaku. In fact, Tieren looks like a cross between a Zaku and an army tank. A bipedal tank that is. Tieren was produced in China and thus its name is also in Chinese. Tieren in Mandarin means Iron Man. Tieren come in quite a few varieties such as for space, antiaircraft, heavy artillery and high mobility to name a few. My favorite is the land unit and its green color really makes it look like it belongs to an army.

I built the 3 Tierens simultaneously. Everything was fine until I have to paint the shoulder parts orange.

Somehow, the paint would not stick well on the surface. It gave somewhat shabby looking orange instead.

I was not pleased with it and thus scrapped the paint off.

With heavy heart, I used the stickers provided for the shoulder parts instead. Well, it does not really look that bad.

The models actually did not really need to be painted much. Some German Grey on certain parts. Painted White on the tip of the antenna.

The eye base was painted black with Metallic Red for the mono eye.

Look! Support at his heel to maintain his balance.

Finished up with panel linings and the Tierens looked awesome!

The Tierens look bulky and menacing at the same time.

The articulation points for a bulky mobile suit are quite impressive too!

I am quite pleased with my Tierens.

Now, destroy the Gundam!

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