10 April 2011


I love to build things, putting things together. In 1995 if I am not mistaken I found these paper models made out hard paper in a grocery shop. These paper models came together with these Japanese chewing gums. I did not really care for the gums.

There were ten different models all in all. My sister and I at that time managed to complete the whole set. Now these models are quite worn out and missing few parts too.

I guess it was a habit of mine to assemble and disassemble things. One of the reasons my mother bought LEGO for me. When I finished building the paper model, I took them apart and put them together again.

The model was really easy to assemble. Here is my first model that I bought, The Hamburger Outlet. Pieces of the outlet were printed and ready cut on 2 pieces of cardboard. You just need to push the pieces out and you have pieces to put together.

Then you just have to insert the paper stub into the slit.

It was very easy to assemble. The slits were designed to fit the stubs nicely.

The design on the model are quite detail.

Like the Hamburger Outlet have a real rubbish bin the fast food outlet style. The counter has menu on it. Behind the counter, there is the chips station. You can see stacks of chips ready to be served.

There are few props for the outlet too. For this model, we have a tray of burgers with soda. A small table with two chairs. Burgers and chips. The cash register.

The Hamburger Outlet is a nice cozy shop made of red bricks. The color of the shop is in harmony with each other and it is really eye catching too!

Three cut out figures came with the model too. The Hamburger girl and her two customers, a boy and a girl. They have two designs on them. On one side, it will show these:

When you flip it to the other side, you will see this:

And there you go, one of the oldest models I have unearthed from my drawer. Another cool thing is, notes and coins are also included. What you see here is a pile of notes and coins for all 10 outlet models I have.


NajLa said...

Oh this brings back memories! I was so small that time that I didn't know how to assemble these things SOB T_T But I liked the smell of them yum!

DarkErebus said...

Smell of chewing gum...