06 April 2011


There were times when I was chained up.

I was experiencing difficulties that I felt as if I was chained to the problem itself.

Life sometimes would make it exhilarating by loosen up the chain and let me escape. Then I would embrace the so call freedom.

I looked back and realized I was still chained. Excitement all drained and freedom tasted stale.

I wanted to escape. I wanted to exit the world of hardship and pain. I wanted to enter the world of easiness and enjoyment.

I felt empty then.

Expecting all that, I had kept myself chained.

I could not escape.

I came up with excuses upon excuses on why I was still chained.

Even enduring those long period of exhausting trial did not open my eyes just yet. Exalting my own woes, I was eluded from my escape for long and maybe forever.

Only then I found enlightenment. I was my only enemy to be defeated to escape. By executing ways to defeat myself, I was enabled to face my other challenges.

I was entirely in control.

I felt so eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious to finally emprise changes that allowed me to escape…

I felt as an empowered emperor ready to exterminate everything in my path.

That was then.

The old chain is gone, epulation is over and I am now facing another enemy…

I am now chained to another problem.

Here we go again…

Exciting photos courtesy of my Neon Genesis Evangelion
Unit 00 and Unit 01

with their enemies, the angel
Sachiel and Shamshel.


Rae said...

Wow! Great post! Love the pics that go with.


DarkErebus said...

Thanks Rae! Im glad you enjoy it!