18 April 2011


Interestingly the color orange

originate from the fruit called orange.

Before the English language came to know the fruit, the color orange was originally known as geoluhred (yellowred).

For those who did not know anything about color, orange is a product of yellow mixed with red.

The word orange probably comes from Sanskrit word, narangah. Somehow the word became orange due to someone who was too lazy to pronounce it narangah.

And that is why the color orange is called orange. Not geoluhred

Orange is also the color of avarice in Green Lantern series.

The Orange Lantern Corps is one of the Lantern Corps in DC Universe.

Wonder how it will be if we call it Geoluhred Lantern...


Does not sound cool enough. I am glad the English language bumped into Oranges

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Karen Peterson said...

I love the color orange. It's such a happy color.