12 June 2011

New boxes!

Hurray! New boxes arrived last month! Amidst the business going to and fro, I managed to squeeze my time to pick this boxes that arrived from Japan. Now I have more Gundams to build…

Here they are!

Anyway, when I posted this, I had actually finished some of them… That will be for another post…

06 June 2011


Wargh! Before I knew it, May just flew by just like that!

Our home did not have internet for like half of the month due to some faulty reasons. I was away from the office for nearly the whole May. So I did not get to blog in May! AT ALL!

My camera also ceases to work… It fell down hard on the lens and all the photos taken after that were blurry. Now I need a new camera… I felt bad because I just get to know how to use the camera properly and now I have to get a new one… This is going to burn my pocket…

Owh… Before I forget, this lady here gave an award for the April Challenge. Thanks! It was a great April!

Anyway, I will be going to update my blog soon. Thanks for the patience…

30 April 2011


For my last entry, I want to share this favorite game of mine. I usually play this game with my brothers.

You need at least two people to play this game and you also need NERF blaster.

Now you have to decide, who will hold the NERF blaster and who will be the zombie.

The zombie starting position is lying down on the floor. It does not matter whether you lay down on your tummy or on your back. Whichever makes you happy.

The guy with NERF blaster can start anywhere he wants too. It is preferably within the shooting range (Come on now, obviously you have to shoot the zombie, so do not give the guy with NERF blaster a hard time).

When everyone is ready, the game starts...

1) The zombie guy, please, as zombiesh as possible, raise from the floor.

If you are not sure how to act like a zombie, here are some zombie movies for your reference.

The key to this game is to be as zombiesh as possible. Keeping to the good classic zombie style, try to move as painfully slow as possible. Drop your head to one side of your body like a real zombie too.

Owh, and do make the zombie moan as well. You can call out for brain if you want, like the zombies in Plant vs Zombie.

2) Now the guy with NERF blaster has an easier life.



3) When the zombie get shot, please, act accordingly. Always have the knock back effect after each shot hit you.

When the guy with NERF blaster is out of bullets,

just try to bite him, claw at him or do anything that a zombie will do.

4) The guy with NERF blaster should try to reload while avoiding the zombie.


Kick the zombie in the head if you must while reloading.

5) Once you are done with reload…



And it will go on and on and on and on… Just keep repeating the step 1 until step 5. Remember, the zombie guy can fall and lie on the floor should he feel tired and rise again as mentioned in step 1. Zombie will rise again and again whenever he is shot down. A zombie will never give up!

I actually have not decided how to end the game… Because zombie can never die! So you will have to decide how to end the game.

But I do hope you will enjoy this game. Remember you can play with more than two people. Owh, and do remember this as well, two NERF blasters are better than one!


Thank you very much for reading my A to Z Challenge entries. I had great fun writing them…
Till next year!

29 April 2011


Yellow is the color of fear in the world of Green Lantern.

The Yellow Lantern Corps or rather the Sinestro Corps strikes fear into their enemy heart. Their members are capable to instill fear.

yourself is someone you should fear, holding you back when you want to press forward to achieve glorious victory. You succumb to laziness when you should get out of comfort for greater change and greater good.

Yesterday mistakes and bad experiences, if you could not overcome them, will be your fear.

Yearning for something and afraid of failure in achieving it is also fear.

Yelling people also strikes fear to some.

Yapping dogs to some can be fearsome too.

Yolk of the egg was feared for high cholesterol and people are still debating whether it is true or false.

Young people have this fear of aging.

Years passing by and if you notice it, reminding you are not that young anymore and instill fear of facing death soon… If you are not prepared for death.

28 April 2011


Here is the meaning of today word from webster online dictionary:

1. Biographies / Xanthippe F, Greek, MISC: wife of Socrates) the wife of Socrates, proverbial as a scolding and quarrelsome woman
2. Any nagging, peevish, or irritable woman

When I was in my teen age years, I did not really like my mother for she always nag at me at home. She was Xanthippe to me and she still is. Our favorite topics at that time would be why I could not study more, I should be playing games less, I should be sleeping earlier etc…

Then I stumble upon this quote:
If you have never been hated by your child you have never been a parent. ~Bette Davis

Then I guess, my mother is a parent. And I also found out that most mothers are a Xanthippe. In most of the teenagers’ point of view, I guess…

I was also told that nagging is a way to show their love.

Anyway, it will be Mother’s day soon…

27 April 2011


I met this one lady once upon a time. We were both from the same country. So by right, we had the same weather. Sunny rainy tropical weather.

I met her when I was doing my Bachelor Degree in a country where they have spring, summer, autumn and winter. The winter was not really that cold, the coldest I had felt was at 5ºC. Still not too bad but I was shivering like hell.

I met her when she was about to leave the country where I studied. She complaint that, when she return, her son would have difficulty adjusting to our country weather after so long staying in a four season country.

I was like, “Okaaaaayyyyy…”

I said that because:
1) Her son grew up in our country and only stays in the four season country just like for 2 or 3 years only.
2) Only in winter it was cold. In other season, it could be freaking hot, nearly up to 40ishºC. That is about the same temperature in our country.

Nothing much I can say except for "Welcome back!"

Nice sunny picture of where I reside courtesy from this blog.

26 April 2011


It is one of my favorite string instruments and I do not know how to play it. I do enjoy the music produces by the delicate instrument. Music streaming from a violin, to me, touches the soul of a person. You can really feel the emotion carried by a violin.

One of the reason I love Kamen Rider Kiva apart from his vampire like feature, is his unique violin named Bloody Rose.

Kamen Rider Kiva is not only a violinist but also a luthier or also known as violin maker. Bloody Rose is supposed to be the ultimate violin in mankind history, made by his father, Otoya Kurenai with the help of Fangire Queen, Maya. Otoya was also one of the greatest violinists.

Violin is informally known as fiddle. Thus a violinist is also known as a fiddler.

Vanessa Mae is also one of my favorite violinists. I especially love her music piece called, Art of War.

25 April 2011


Usagi Yojimbo (literally means Rabbit Bodyguard) is one of my favorite comic book series. I get to know Usagi through Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He has his own action figure, in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure line. Back then, I thought he was only one of the characters that appear in TMNT series…

He actually has his own comic. Anyway, where I lived last time, comic like Usagi Yojimbo was unheard of. I had the opportunity to read Usagi Yojimbo’s comics only when I was doing my Bachelor degree. I was able to borrow the comics from the local library then.

USAGI YOJIMBO’s comics are GREAT! Do not mind the black and white pages;

they do not really matter once you had read the comic. The great story line is supported by beautifully drawn comic. Characters grow as the storyline go further.

Usagi Yojimbo is modeled after Miyamoto Musashi, set at beginning of Edo period of Japan. Miyamoto Usagi has also appeared few times in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and animated series and the turtles have also visited Usagi’s world.

He seems to get along very well with Leonardo, the turtles leader because they share the same ideals and code of ethics.

I have yet to read Space Usagi, story of Usagi descendant set in the far future. It should be as great as well.

Most of the Usagi drama in the comic will also stir your emotions. Even without any words, you can feel the emotions and the feeling pouring out of each panel in the comic. Indeed Stan Sakai is a master of story telling and had won 3 Eisner Awards because of Usagi series. That is one prestigious award for the comic world, equivalent to Oscar Awards for the movies.

Great work Stan! Really love your work! I am looking forward to read more of Usagi adventure... I bought Usagi Yojimbo: The Special Edition, collection of his first seven volumes.


23 April 2011


I had started with yet another plastic model in my effort of turning the mountain of plastic models smaller…

This is my first time building a mobile suit that is not a Gundam. Let me think again…


Yes, my first time it is.

All this while, I had been putting together Gundam and Gundam only. Why I never bought other mobile suits you ask?


Financial constraint was one of the issues. If you have certain amount of money, you really cannot buy a lot of models. So in my case, I straightaway choose something that I really like which is the Gundams. I did wish I could buy some enemies mobile suits to create diorama or something like that…

I was lucky enough to come across a great bargain! There this sale and Tierens was selling cheap.

Thus I bought 3 Tieren models. A small army of Tieren for myself!

Tieren being a mass produced mobile suit, will not look good standing alone. For me, to make Tieren looks good, 3 units at least is a must.

Now, MSJ-06 II-A Tieren is Gundam 00 world’s Zaku. In fact, Tieren looks like a cross between a Zaku and an army tank. A bipedal tank that is. Tieren was produced in China and thus its name is also in Chinese. Tieren in Mandarin means Iron Man. Tieren come in quite a few varieties such as for space, antiaircraft, heavy artillery and high mobility to name a few. My favorite is the land unit and its green color really makes it look like it belongs to an army.

I built the 3 Tierens simultaneously. Everything was fine until I have to paint the shoulder parts orange.

Somehow, the paint would not stick well on the surface. It gave somewhat shabby looking orange instead.

I was not pleased with it and thus scrapped the paint off.

With heavy heart, I used the stickers provided for the shoulder parts instead. Well, it does not really look that bad.

The models actually did not really need to be painted much. Some German Grey on certain parts. Painted White on the tip of the antenna.

The eye base was painted black with Metallic Red for the mono eye.

Look! Support at his heel to maintain his balance.

Finished up with panel linings and the Tierens looked awesome!

The Tierens look bulky and menacing at the same time.

The articulation points for a bulky mobile suit are quite impressive too!

I am quite pleased with my Tierens.

Now, destroy the Gundam!