27 April 2011


I met this one lady once upon a time. We were both from the same country. So by right, we had the same weather. Sunny rainy tropical weather.

I met her when I was doing my Bachelor Degree in a country where they have spring, summer, autumn and winter. The winter was not really that cold, the coldest I had felt was at 5ºC. Still not too bad but I was shivering like hell.

I met her when she was about to leave the country where I studied. She complaint that, when she return, her son would have difficulty adjusting to our country weather after so long staying in a four season country.

I was like, “Okaaaaayyyyy…”

I said that because:
1) Her son grew up in our country and only stays in the four season country just like for 2 or 3 years only.
2) Only in winter it was cold. In other season, it could be freaking hot, nearly up to 40ishºC. That is about the same temperature in our country.

Nothing much I can say except for "Welcome back!"

Nice sunny picture of where I reside courtesy from this blog.

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