07 April 2011


I love my family from my Grandfather to the youngest cousin. I bear no hatred and I am sure, no sane soul does either.

There are times you are not pleased with your family member. It is irk actually. It is not hatred.

Probably because we are too close to each other, small itsy bitsy matter will lead to war with each other.

Probably because we are too comfortable with each other, words splash so easily on each other without much thought of the effect on the feelings.

Probably because we do not really communicate well enough with each other, we do lots of assumption instead without actually trying to communicate to understand better.

Probably because we stay too long with each other, we remember past more that we forget the past had been left behind and now, the present is a new different matter.

Probably it is easier to consult with other friends and stranger that we forget that there are boundaries on what you should say and should not say to people outside of your family.

Probably sometimes we forget that, your family, is also human being with feelings and should be understand as an individual with different and unique needs and behavior.

No matter how weird my family members are, I still love them. It is just that I don’t have all the money in the world to show how much I love all of them because I have to buy load of gundams, comics, manga, nintendo ds, ds games and kamen rider figures.

Together we will be able to face the whole world…

I rewrite this entry because after reading it again and again, it just does not feel nice. I actually find it hard to filter my own feeling out and write its true meaning. Just some thoughts to be shared with all of you about family and probably these thoughts will make us a better family member…

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