16 April 2011


This is old news… But Nadleeh is Navajo word for two spirit people. It indicates a person whose body simultaneously houses a masculine spirit and a feminine spirit. So in the case of this Gundam from Gundam 00 series, Gundam Virtue who is the masculine part, Gundam Nadleeh is the feminine part.

Gundam Virtue is one of the central mobile suits in the first season of Gundam 00 series. Gundam Virtue have powerful firepower, capable of destroying multiple mobile suits in one massive blast with his GN Bazooka, an energy cannon or his pair of shoulder mounted, double barreled GN Cannons.

Virtue, the masculine part reveals his feminine side when his bulky armor is cast off.

Virtue has limited speed and maneuverability due to his bulky and heavy armor is not recommended for melee combat.

The uncovered Gundam Nadleeh though, has higher mobility.

Slimmer in shape (talk about drastic weight loss), Nadleeh is more mobile and fare better in melee combat.

In this form, the beam sabers equipped at both of his knees, can be utilized better (Virtue is mentioned to be able to use the beam sabers but did not due to his lack of mobility).

Interestingly, Nadleeh has long silky beautiful shiny maroon hair.

He is so far the only Gundam own by a guy, that has long hair. The hair is actually cables connecting Nadleeh to Virtue armor.

The model’s hair though is static and cannot be moved around. I should think, if Bandai used soft cables as the hair instead, at least you can position Nadleeh's hair however you like. It will definitely look cooler.

Nadleeh can also weild Virtue’s shoulder mounted double barreled GN Cannons as handheld GN Cannons to deal serious damage.

In the model though, the wrist joints are not strong enough to hold the GN Cannons in any pose that you want. With GN Cannons in his hands, it will just go limp. So you can really make good dramatic action poses with the GN Cannons in his hands. He cannot make the poses that he did in the series due to his model mobility limit as well…

When I first saw Nadleeh revealed in the episode 19 of Gundam 00 season one, I went: “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The model though, lack of mobility to do justice to what he can do in the series.

Nadleeh with cast off Virtue’s armor parts…

Nadleeh equips extra armaments later in the series but the model that I bought did not have the extra armaments. Bandai should have added those extra armaments too.


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