09 April 2011


When I leave home to continue my study, my mother reminded me about hygiene...

I) Don’t share your towel with others.
II) Don’t share your nail clipper with others.
III) Don’t share your toothbrush with others.
IV) Don’t share your comb with others.
V) Don’t drink using same cup with your friends.
VI) Don’t share shaving blade with others.
VII) Don’t share underwear with others.
VIII)Try your best, not to share clothes too.
IX) Don't let other people sleep on your bed.

This is so that I won’t easily get disease from some random guys who you don’t know where they come from and you don’t know their health background.

Thank you Pikachu!


NajLa said...

I LOVE this post! Pikachu's cute! hoho

DarkErebus said...

Thank you! Pikachu IS cute!