04 April 2011


Photos capture moments in your life. You may remember those moments but with photos they can be clearer.

Photos can also be windows for others to see what you saw. Like in my case, when I was studying at this one place, my mother asked me to take lots of photos. Then when I came home, I will tell them what I saw in my surrounding, where I stay, how I go around, people I had met and so on. Those photos made my storytelling easier and it is easier for the listener to relate and figure out.

This is my first camera

and at that time when I bought it, digital camera was very very new and very very expensive.

Photo taking using films is very precious because it is expensive to develop the photos later.

There was this one time when my father agreed to let me use his camera. I went trigger happy with the camera, taking photos of nearly everything I saw and trying lots of stuff with the camera.

He was really mad after we developed the films because I took quite lots of photos which to him were a waste.

Still, knowing that films photo taking is expensive, I cautiously took photos for them to see. I envy those who had digital camera at that time…

Then, my mother was able to get me a digital camera.

I was really excited because I was able to go trigger happy on photo taking. I could take photos of clouds in the sky, leaves falling, rubbish bins, cars, weird graffiti, strange people, every inch of a building, my room, stuff I bought etc… In another word, I can just take photo of everything in this world!

The next best thing is, you don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes. If the first photo is not good, snap another picture. Snap a hundred if you want and get the best. You are given the freedom to explore different approaches and styles in photo taking.

I am still using this digital camera of mine until now. Most of the photos you see here in my blog are compliment to my digital camera.

One or two years after digital camera is easily obtained by lots of people in my country, it was common to hear this joke:

“Wow, you are taking quite lots of pictures… Aren’t you worried that you will run out of films?”


If you do that now…

“Dude, seriously, are you really from this century?”

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