26 December 2012


I have to say this… I have greed for money. To have lots and lots of money.  I was told that this is not healthy, this greed of mine.

The funny thing, even though they said money is not important and going after lots of money is not good etc… At the end of the day, they end up asking for money.

It is important to bind family ties closer but travelling to see them need money.

Eating out, eating at home, buying food, doing groceries and treating guests need money.

When I go to someone house without bringing anything, I was told that is not a good behavior and I should bring something…  That too needs money.

When there are functions such as weddings and funerals, when we attend them, we need to give some token which is usually money.

It does get pretty annoying whenever I express my wish to get more money and to be shot down for that wish. Yet after that we will hear about bills to be paid, taking over someone else car’s payment, saving up money, buying presents, repairing house, buying stuff, getting new furniture, sending cats to vets and so on… How can you say money is not important then? Every day we hear these talks and when my wish for more money is surfaced, “Hush now boy, don’t get consume by your greed.”

Is it wrong to wish for more money so that we can do more stuff? Or my greatest dream is to have lots of money so that I spend more time doing stuff that I love. To me, money is a tool. I don’t mind if you don’t think money is not really that important or whatever you want to say but when it comes to the time when money is needed, don’t look at me and ask me to pay…