11 November 2010

Fingers Splitting Fun...

Owh yes, I did not tell you that I had my first experience with Gundam modification…

Owhkay… I did not exactly do the modification on a Gundam. And the mobile suit is not even mine, it is my brother’s.

Anyway, what happened was, the material for clear part, which in this case, the Garazzo’s hand with finger beam, does not tolerate thinner well.

This might be because he tried to separate the beam on each fingers apart. Then he paint the beam yellow for the clear part is orange in colour.
But the yellow look horrible on the orange clear part. And when he tried to get the colour off by using thinner, the material turned soft.

This was probably because the part where he sliced did not have any protective coating to endure thinner corrosiveness.
The hand then looks horrible as if my kitten had bitten it.

So we left the hand to dry and harden a bit. As it gets harder, I cut off the fingers from the hand.

Separated, the fingers were easier for me to file and make them look smoother. The fingers look better after filing.

I also took the liberty to sharpen the end of the beam.

After that, I just glued them back to the hand, each finger slightly apart.

I am so sorry that I lose the photos of the work in progress...

08 November 2010

Trying to LOL...

Once in a while, my colleague crack jokes in the office. This is one of them:

Pls convert to PDF and revert back.

Thank you.

Koalemos / sales man

He sent me a document that needs to be converted to PDF. That could be understood well enough…

But, revert the document back? Back to the original form?
What was the point you sent it to me then?

Now that is funny…