20 April 2011


People had been throwing this question a lot, ever since I had got my Bachelor degree:

When will you have a queen by your side?

In other word, when will I get married?

Thank you for your concern... But that is a question I cannot really answer. To put it in a simple explanation:

I can build a coffin, dress myself as a dead man and lie down in the coffin waiting for death. If it is not my time yet, then I will still be lying there, waiting for death to come. Death comes when my time is up. That is not for me to know when.

Same goes with the queen in my life question. When the time comes, trust me, I will tell you. It is not really in my power to make it happen either faster or slower. I can make plan that is for sure.

For now, I am still looking for the qualifying queen

She might be close to me or she might pop up somewhere in my near future…

I do not mind Albinass of Dragon Quest: Adventure of Dai to be my queen.

She was created from Queen Chess piece to be a warrior.

Anyway, I still do not know who will be the queen that I will fall for just yet…

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Sylvia Ney said...

Good luck on your quest for the right Queen. I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.