02 April 2011


I had interesting experience few nights ago. I let my cute cousin practice her driving skills while I was running my errands. Our first stop was the bank, because I needed to withdraw money.

So we drove there in the “I-just-got-my-driving-license” style. When we reached the bank, there was this one empty parking spot. Right next to it was a car parked as if “I-do-not-know-how-to-park-my-car-because-I-do-not-actually-have-a-driving-license” style.

Anyway, because there were quite a space so I asked my cousin to drive in as far too the right as possible. Apparently, it was still quite close to the car but I could still get out of the car.

When I opened the door, it bumped slightly on the car body. So when I walked past the driver, he looked quite mad, glaring at me like a dragon which had just lost his entire treasure hoard. I signaled with my hand that his car was poorly parked and went into the bank.

As expected, the sore driver lowered his window and looked so eager to have a pleasant chat with me.

Thus when I walked back to the car, the fuming, glaring driver started his remarkable chatting:
Brainless: Why did you bump my car with the door?
Me: Well duh, you didn’t park your car properly and I don’t have enough space for me to open the door…

Brainless: Can’t you open the door carefully?
Me: I did try my best… But you should park your car properly…

Brainless: Poorly parked? The car on the other side didn’t have a problem.

Me: Duh… (Of course the other car had more space than mine; obviously… Refer to the above picture…)

Brainless: Now my car is dented, so you think you can pay for it?
Me: Hey man, look carefully, there was not even a scratch! It was just a bump!

Brainless: This is Vios! Do you know how much a Vios cost? You don’t know how to take care a car is it?
Me: Errrrr… No damage done? Unfortunately, your brain is not up to Vios level…

Brainless: Why can’t you just park there instead? (Where the white car is parked in the picture)

Me: But we have a parking space here…I mean, parking spaces are for cars to park right?

Brainless: Then,why didn’t you let the girl (my cousin and also the driver that night) get the money instead?
Me: Uh… My account? My money?

Brainless: You dare to talk back! You have never got into trouble is it?
Me: Errrr…

Brainless: This is the problem with our race, why can’t you just say sorry?
Me: Well, you shouldn’t park this way in the first place… You should say sorry too… But, I’m sorry for arguing with a dumb guy like you

Brainless: See, so much easier isn’t it? Why can’t you just do that?
Me: Like I said, why can’t you park your car properly?

Brainless: You really have no manner! Why can’t you just say sorry?
Me: Fine… If that is what you want.

More or less the content of our charming chat together.

He was not really pleased and happy with my apologies.
Anyway, I need to do my errands quickly and my mother did remind me not to argue with a brainless idiotic stupid moronic dumb guy like him else I will be at his level as well…

Apparently from the way he talked, he was and I am sorry to say, very very very stupid.


Cheree said...

Funny. I can definitely relate. I hate when people park on a crooked angle that makes it nearly impossible to get out. Some people should just learn to park properly.

Oak Lawn Lady said...

I got a big kick out of your blog....since we've all 'been there'.
I hope you can check out my A to Z Challenge posts.
I'm at:

Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

DarkErebus said...

Yes. I find lots of people behave badly on the road and won’t admit they are at fault. I wish we can do something about it… Thank you and I am enjoying your blogs too.