28 August 2008

Time to frown...


The special month for the Muslims is returning. The Muslims will fast for the whole month during day time. Blessing is abundant during this month…

The names of my friends had been written down.
The addresses of those people were hunted down.
The cards are all sitting on the table waiting with a frown.
The names of recipients on the envelopes, one down.
The address nicely written, two down.
The inside of cards is empty, nothing to be shown.
Time is running out, fuse is ready to be blown.
Terribly still no idea to be thrown.
Thinking of nice words and well wishes I have known.
That is the problem I have now, old problem I own.
Thus the cards wait on the table with no sign of going, shown…

With wishes that you all have an easier time to write in a card…

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