18 August 2008

Things to fear...

I was once asked what I fear... What was I afraid of…? There are things that I did that make me looks courageous. So what do I fear?

There are many fears that I faced as I grow up. Some of those fears had been overcome and some still linger in my heart. Some fears were left to be forgotten as time goes by. Some fears come as the old fears left but to answer this question truthfully is very hard actually…

I come across these words while I was reading a book written by Tesuko Kuroyanagi, Totto-Chan: TheLittle Girl at the Window.

Having eyes but not seeing beauty.
Having ears but not hearing music.
Having minds but not perceiving truth.
Having hearts that are not moved and therefore never set on fire.
These are the things to fear.

This was quoted from Totto-Chan’s school headmaster, Sosaku Kobayashi.

There are some truths there if not all truth. Without all those things he said, you will not be happy in this world, you cannot appreciate, you cannot love and you cannot even be grateful. You will not be able to be a human…

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