26 August 2008

The man who loved a wall

There was an arrogant man…

He was a man who had the unfailing charisma to make anyone in the world fall in love with him, upon seeing him just once.

There were plenty of reasons for his descent into the swamp of arrogance.

Whether they believed in love or not, all women who faced him professed their irrepressible passion and they crumbled to the ground before him.

He was a man who created love.

After some time…
Those who wanted to test his allure began to arrive.
They wanted to confirm it with all types of proposals.

Not a woman, but a man…
Then a child…
Even animals were brought to be his subjects.

He accepted the challenges and created love.
As they witnessed identical results from all the living creatures of the world,
the people around him started to deify him.

And he started to believe that he was a god.
A god who created love.

A challenge that was possible only for a god.
He decided to test the domain of a god himself.

A wall.

He looked upon the wall that took up one side of his room.
Whether he could love the wall, whether the wall would proclaim its love to him…
To him,
this was the final challenge.

He started to gaze warmly upon the wall caressing it at every chance. Pouring on tender kisses… he soliloquized and talked to it. He showered greater devotion on the wall than on that which was alive.

Once he had decided to love… he could not stop.
No one could stop him. Not even those who were close to him. Because, this was the final test.

A long time passed.

As he spent time with the wall,
his surroundings were fading away.
The friends who visited him… And even the neighbours
who were concerned for him had disappeared.
All that was left were
the wall and the man…

And the masterless chair that watched all of this.

The man came to love the wall.

The emotion he found was like any other love, but effort was unique.

As he achieved love, time in the world stopped.

While time had stopped, the man steadily gazed upon the wall and waited.

As feelings for the wall became deeper, he sang for the half of success he had, but shed tears for half of failure, which deepened as he waited.

As the sunset faded to black, the frozen time started to move again.

The man became confused.

As the love that he believed should be returned…
As the love that he considered his rightful reward didn’t appear, frustration turned into rage.

At that moment, he gritted his teeth and swung his fists, demanding boldly…


The wall…

Is only a wall…

The man also, he is not a god, but a mere human.

The defeat nurtured by hate and rage… Returned him to his humanity.

And at that moment, though he had been away from the chair for a long time, he noticed it was still warm.

His body heat which the chair had cherished.

An excerpt taken from The Great Catsby volume 5 created by Doha.

Check this out for more information on Doha’s comics.

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un6 said...

Wow. That was pretty deep. A story of unrequited love.