04 January 2009

The three Paus...

paus (plural)... pau (singular)...

Plain Pau and Chicken Pau went out to watch a sad movie together. At the end of the movie, Chicken Pau cried but Plain Pau did not cry.

Plain Pau has no filing!

The next day, Chicken Pau went to watch another sad movie. This time, Chicken Pau went with Kaya Pau. Chicken Pau, at the end of the movie, cried again but not Kaya Pau.

The two of them have different filing!

After that incident, a group of Kaya Paus went out to watch a movie in the weekend. Chicken Pau wanted to join their outing. However, Kaya Pau did not want Chicken Pau to follow them because Kaya Pau does not want to see Chicken Pau crying again. So, Kaya Pau rang up Chicken Pau and said...

"Sorry you can’t come. Hey, no hard filing eh?"

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