13 January 2009

My Summer Project!

Thus, my friend from the land of the rising sun came over for a visit. Not only that, she brought with her two boxes of Gundam and three Gundam display stand. Sugoine?

Those Gundam will be my summer project while I am not employed yet… At least I have something to do for a while. That while will be quite long for I am really going to take my time putting them together… And colour them as close to the real thing as possible. Painting them will be one heck of a job but the end result is very much worth the time doing so.

As I am really into the Gundam 00 series, I bought Gundam Virtue 1/100 scale and Gundam 00 with O Raiser set 1/100 scale!

So far, for me, the best Gundam series will be Gundam 00. Best fighting scenes, best Gundams design, best enemies design, characters are really good… In fact, it is the best Gundam series so far! The storyline really have some depth and full of surprises.

This will be one great summer…