26 January 2009

Arise, Gundam 00! Combine with 0 Raiser!

Now come the best part of all…

Gundam Virtue which sometime is Gundam Nadleeh is standing proud in my room. O Raiser and the stand are ready. It is time to finish the last, Gundam 00!

One of my favourite Gundam because he wields swords, Gundam 00 is built for speedy melee attack. His twin swords are able to be turn into rifle for long distance attack when needed.

Compared to Gundam Exia, his predecessor, Gundam 00 somewhat lack in mobility. The head cannot be pushed far up. The wrists cannot go in and out. Different torso built from the Exia makes him suffer in doing poses that Exia can do easily. Gundam 00 cannot be pushed sideway. The way the torso was made also made it easily detached when you are not too careful.

Still, Gundam 00 design, which I thought to be too simple at first, is actually cool. Like I had mentioned before, the newer series model does not have lots of details to be painfully painted and inked. With minimal panel lining and painting, Gundam 00 is already looking awesome!

Combine Gundam 00 with 0 Raiser, they will form 00 Raiser, and like the anime, 00 Raiser looks sooooo AWESOME! Bandai seem to have this habit of making Gundam with some sort of wings, but it really does make Gundam 00 look nicer. The way Bandai make it connected to each other is really ingenious. It is easy to snap everything together and they stick firm too! A great thing when you need to move it around to get the poses you want. With a simple push and you have your Gundam 00 and 0 Raiser back.

The best thing about Gundam 00, his GN drives light up! At night, with all the light out, Gundam 00 is really a beautiful sight to behold. The switch buttons are also cleverly hidden so it does not protrude out and make the whole model looks ugly. Really nice work there Bandai!

Just after I bought Gundam 00 + 0 Raiser, Bandai announce the Gundam 00 Seven Sword… That one looks really nice too with his huge sword. I am a bit of big huge jumbo sword fan. An extra added feature such as lighting up the eyes as well will also add the cool factor. Another way to do it will probably be customising the Gundam 00 that I have now.


kitz said...

hey, i just bought gundam 00.. can i actually buy the 00 raiser and combine with it? where did u buy the stand anyway?

tbong27 said...

are the dark pics the ones of painted gundam? english sounds strange.. looks to be diff shades of blue..