15 March 2011

Raining… Acid?

It was raining heavily when this picture was taken.

Today I received an interesting text message from a concern and loving cousin of mine telling me that:

Fukushima power plant exploded at 4.30AM today. If it rains tomorrow or later, don’t go outside. If you are outside, be sure that you have rain protectors. It’s acid rain. Don’t let it touch you. You may burn your skin, lose your hair or have cancer. Please pass. Stay safe & remind everyone you know.

Thank you for showing that you care… But then again you should also check your resources before you spread information. I had read that, this text message had stir panic within Philippine community.

Rumors easily spread like wild fire with the help of FaceBook and Twitter to name a few. So nowadays, you should always and always check any information received before you take it and spread to other people. Wrong information can be disastrous to other people who act on it.

Here are some good tips on verifying information you get from internet.

Just a point to ponder, if such thing does really happen, should not we had the same news when Hiroshima was nuked in the World War II?

Pray that the country affected by Earthquake, especially Japan recently will stay strong and will have a fast recovery.

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