07 March 2011

Add Me, Add Me!

As the technology moves forward, it seems that social etiquettes are getting rare and less.

Take FaceBook for example:

One of the reason why have a FaceBook account is so that I can play all the games, stalking cute chicks, sign up for all those stupid groups and campaigns, read whiny status every second, keep up to date with my friends.

It is also an amazing experience to be able to connect to your long lost friends.

Then we have these people who suddenly pop up, wanting to be your friend.


I should not have problem accepting these people as my friend if:

  1. They show their real picture of themselves. Some people love to put a group photo as their display picture. Then you have to guess which face belongs to the name that wanted to be added as a friend. Or we have people who like to put other people photos (usually artist, well known person, favorite porn star, their beloved partner, their children, their pets etc). The worst display photo would be picture of cartoon or logo… Come on, what is the resemblance to your real look? Why can’t you just put your photo? After all you want people to easily recognize you. If you want to be so secretive, then why the hell do you want to set up a FaceBook account?
  2. They, at least, introduce themselves. Ok, alright, you do not have a recognizable photo to jog my memory of who you are. Your name also does not ring a bell… Then, WHY THE HELL YOU CAN’T EVEN INTRODUCE YOURSELF? At least, tell me your name and just in case I probably have forgotten you, just a brief introduction of yourself, where we had met, how, when etc just so that I know who the hell you are if you want me to click the add me button…

If they do not fulfill the requirements I had put down as shown above, then, forget it, I am not interested to know or add you even if you have a cute chick in bikini as your display photo

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