04 March 2011

Power Ranger’s MEGAZORD!

Actually my favorite part in the Power Ranger series is when they call for their huge robot to battle. Now, for those who are still in the dark, let me give you guys a brief, simplest, concise plot in a Power Ranger series…

Usually the show starts with the villain latest plot to take over the world. Then the villain will built, make, summon etc a monster appropriate for the job.

The monster then will start to terrorize the place. Few screams later, the Power Rangers will be notified and they will rush to the terrorize scene to fight the evil monster.

When they arrived at the place where the monster is having fun, few henchmen or grunts or soldiers will also appear. Just to be fair mind you (5 rangers against one scary evil super strong monster). The rangers changed to their costume and knock the monsters and its henchmen around. Usually there will be around 6 henchmen. They will appear to be more when the scene shows each ranger fighting.

Once the henchmen are down, the rangers will do a finishing move on the weaken monster.
Somehow, there will be a device that will greatly enhance the monster size and you will have a huge giant evil monster prepared for another round of fun with the rangers.

This is the cue for the rangers to call their huge gigantic vehicles that could be in the form of errr… vehicles such as cars, planes, copters, boats, truck or animals such mammals, reptiles, dinosaurs or even mythical creatures.

You will have awesome display of these vehicles exiting their respective garages or resting places.

Then they will all combine into a robot. Another awesome display of these vehicles or creatures transforming into respective body parts of the robot.

While all this happen, the monster will be resting quietly and waiting patiently for them to finish. After all, the monster had just been revived and blown into a humongous size. So shut up and watch the robot formed.

Once the robot is ready, the monster will approach the robot in the most menacing manner. The monster also might destroy one or two building in the process. The battle begins!

The robot and monster will knock each other around until it gets close to the ending of the show, the robot will whip out its finishing move, killing the monster for good. YAY!

The day is saved once again thanks to the rangers!

If the villains have real working thinking brain with them, my best bet of destroying the rangers will be when the robot is combining. DO NOT LET THE ROBOT FINISH COMBINING WITH EACH OTHER! After all they do not really have any defensive measure taken to counter an attack while combining. Then again, that is stupidity for you…

Mind boggling stuff…
It is amazing how some of the Power Ranger team can have a huge cockpit that can fit everybody in and how they get in there is also another great question.

Usually I do not really mind the part of the show before the monster is blown into a jumbo size bulldozer. I just want to see the robot part of the show only. That is the most interesting part to me…

Once again, the pictures are taken from Googling Power Ranger Megazord… And mostly from HenshinGrid Blogspot. The awesome Power Rangers MegaZord robots photos taken from this awesome guy in the RangerBoard forum.

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