30 March 2011

Musha Gekitou Gundam

My first SD Gundam was quite plain when compared to the pictures on its box. Thus I did a few things to the limitation of my resources and experience to make my Musha Gekitou look a bit colorful.

Only few years after that (which is like 10 years or more), my Musha Gekitou get the proper coloring that he deserved. I used the Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Gold and Silver Gundam markers with my white and black enamel paint. Gundam panel lining pen was used for the lines.

I will not say much, so see for yourself the difference before and after I painted my Musha Gekitou.

The left side photos were how Musha Gekitou looked. The right side photos are after he is given colors.

All of his armors and weapons look even awesome now, compare to before.

I especially love his dual katanas and the bazooka. After painting, they look so beautiful.

After I painted Musha Gekitou, I fell in love with him again…

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