17 February 2011

Another Quick Lazy Pop up Card…

Seeing that I am still in the mood and the tools and papers still lying around, I decided to make another card but still using the same principal.

I printed out the letters I needed to make the words I wanted on the card. I used few different fonts for different letters.

Then I used my circles templates to draw circles for each letters. Some circles cover the letters completely, some are smaller than the letters and some partially let the letter burst through.

Stick them together with my glue stick, arranging them nicely so they could tuck into the card nicely…

This can be done rather quickly. Just randomly stick them together.

There you go, instant pop up card with customized greeting!

Then I just make a simple cover for the card and viola!

The card is done!

I made this card in less than 2 hours!

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