05 July 2013

The Wedding Card... Part One!

Dear All,

I had not told you about my wedding invitation card yet. I love pop up cards and thus my wedding invitation card have to be a pop up card as well. I would not have it any other way…

The design started as soon as the date of our wedding had been confirmed. I spent few days sketching my ideas on the paper. I also tried to get simplest and easiest pop up card design. I do not want anything too fancy and complicated because I need to make about 400 cards. Also, in case I have to be offshore, working (which actually happened), I still want whoever take over doing the cards to have an easy life.

I also played around with the layout of the card and think of the best way to maximize all the information I wanted on the card. 

I ended up with the design below: half A4 card folded into two and a quarter of A4 as the pop up part. The best layout for me since it can maximize the pop up card image as well as the information written on it.

Then, after I had finalized the image I wanted to have on the pop up, I scanned it and put it into few different sizes. 

Next I worked out which will fit nicely on the card.

Then I work out the best size which was actually 180% larger than the original size. Then I also have to decide whether the drawing should be on the right side or the left side of the pop up card. It was then chosen to be on the right hand side… 

Then I put in colors and the text. Play around with the layout to see the best design I could came up with.I cut the text on pieces of paper and paper clipped them on the card.

For the card, I choose black, white and purple theme. The colors were tribute to Kamen Rider W in their Fang Joker form.  One of my favorite Kamen Riders...

If you also noticed, the position of the bride in white and the groom in black resemble the Kamen Rider W Fang Joker form as well. For those who do not know Kamen Rider W, the rider consists of two souls in one body. Later on in the series, they are able to combine two bodies and souls as one. The right side is more feminine and the left side masculine which suits the bride and groom position perfectly.

And that is it for the first part. It will be too long to cover everything in one post. I will finish up with the rest in the second part, insyaallah.

Owh, here is where I obtained the Kamen Rider W Fang Joker picture.

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