05 July 2013

And... Yes, I am back yet again...

Yes, been saying that a few times now. Apart being plain lazy to write and post, I was pretty occupied with so many long offshore trips, my wedding and my sister's wedding to name a few…

Also, I am now free of the workforce. I had been at it for like 3 years and 9 months now.

I quit my job mainly because I need to rest, a luxury that was limited during my service. Also I need time to really collect my thoughts and rethink my direction in my life for I do not like where I am heading at that moment.

So here I am, catching up with my life again as much as I can, picking up all the stuff that I had left laying on the ground and pondering my next step.

And yes, one of my to do list is updating this blog of mine; hopefully I can start updating regularly now.

Owh well, I should start getting that as one of my habit since this one class I am taking now will require me to do so.

I will let you guys know more later on…

For now, welcome back!

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