08 September 2010

The Offshore...

Working here can be considered harsh. It is a harsh world out here at offshore. Be it the weather or the surrounding. I am amazed and still amazed that some of the guys out here have been doing this kind of job for half of their life or more.

The sun, because there are no lush greenery to slice the heat down, is merciless especially in the afternoon. The sun itself will not be that bad if we do not have to wear our personal protective equipments all the time on the platform (which is a must whenever you are on the platform). On most sunny days, there will be no wind blowing and your sweat will rain down your body. Most uncomfortable I will say and there is nothing much we can do about it.

The rain is usually received as good tidings due to no work is allowed on the platform when it is raining. The bad side of it, your work will be delayed. Still, I think the rain is a present for those hardworking people on the platform. We do not have weekend here at the offshore and a rainy day is a much needed time for us to catch up with our rest.

The strong wind will also mean a good day of rest if you can stand the rocking and the rolling of the barge that is. On a very windy day, the sea waves are wild and strong. The barge will be rocked heavily like a baby cradle rocked by a furious mother trying to get her baby to sleep (not that it work well when the cradle is rock furiously). This is very dangerous for us to cross the gangway or the small bridge which connect the barge to the platform for the workers to cross. Thus no workers are allowed to cross the gangway.

Dolphins are usually considered bad omen here at the offshore. Sighting of leaping dolphins at the sea means storm is coming and work will be delayed. Still it also means a good day of rest. A good omen for those who need rest…

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