25 March 2010


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Alice in Wonderland has been my favorite book for a long time. The films, I don’t really like them for they can’t really absorb the feeling of the book.

Contrariwise the new film looks promising enough that I decided to watch it at the movie…

The idea of finally getting to see one of my favorite characters Jabberwocky from the Wonderland is thrilling.

Horribly enough, it was not the film that spoiled the mood. It was some stupid moronic dudes sitting exactly behind me.

When they first came in, it is normal if you chatter around with your friends.

No problem there.

Then the curtain was raised and the show started.

Let the show begin!

Errrrr… Hold on, what was that I heard?

Those guys were still chattering! To make it worst, they were making remarks on nearly every action shown in the movie!

“She is going to fall…”


“So dangerous... Bla bla bla Nearly hit the piano... Bla bla bla”



“Nope, wrong door…Bla bla bla Use the key for... Bla bla bla”

“She is drinking it… Bla bla bla Later she... Bla bla bla”



And so on and on…

Hold on... Ask me why did I write ‘LOL’ up there…

Well, to be honest, for as long as I had lived on Earth, never had I dreamt of hearing people laughing but doesn’t sound like a laugh. Never had I actually dreamt that somebody on this Earth will not laugh like this:


Or “Ghehehehehehehe”

Or slightly muffled “Mphephephephe”

Those nerds actually laugh and said ‘LOL’!

They actually said ‘LOL’!


Here comes a funny scene… Now laugh!


What sort of laugh is that!?

I know LOL stand for Laugh Out Loud… But you don’t have to say ‘LOL’ when you laugh! Just laugh normally!

Not only they didn’t have movie ethics, their laugh was also pathetic!

I probably should have said something to them, but then I didn’t… Hmmmmm…

Anyway, I do hope that I will have a better movie experience next time. Hopefully I don’t get to sit in front of those dorks again.


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