13 October 2009

Give me more MONEY...

I want to make money and have lots of money… For now, I am not really thinking for fun. Of course, with lots of money, it will be very nice.

I can go for a vacation somewhere. (Thinking of China, Japan and Korea)

I can buy more GUNDAMS! (PG 00 Gundam is coming out soon)

I can do house make over! (Seriously, my house need to be rearrange)

More books and comics! (So much more books to read)

And lots of other things such as, new laptop, DSi, Wii, cars, shoes, vest, presents, gifts, courses etc…


Yes… Happy time is over… Only now the letters catch up with me and give me surprises.

Seriously, when you do business with Government, always make another copy for yourself. If something undesirable comes up, at least you have evidence to back you up…

I have only got to know this cute lawyer friend of mine only later in my life. (She is not a lawyer now, a CT, whatever that is… Forgive me but lawyer terms are too alien for me) She does give me good advises regarding legal stuff…

Unfortunately, most of it already happened and it’s rearing its ugly head now after all these years.
I don’t know how long, but I am already blacklisted in PTPTN for not clearing my loan. Ever since I studied oversea, my mother and I had written letters to PTPTN, telling them I couldn’t pay the loan yet for I am still studying.

Now I have got a letter summoning me to court.
I called them up to clarify on these issue and they told me I had not send in a form they had sent to my house to inform them that I was still studying. As I was not at home that time, I asked my parents and to that they said, “What forms?”

I don’t understand why our letters are ignored and couldn’t be used as supporting evidence that I was still studying. Nearly every year, when the letter asking for my payment came, my mother would reply with a letter explaining my situation. Apparently, it didn’t get to the person it intended to be for…

I am not angry over the extra amount that I have to pay but for the irresponsibility and incompetency of the officers. The extra amount, insyallah will be used as sadaqah for the money will be used to help another student. No problem at all…

Sigh… With my current salary, it will take years until I get to finish paying for my loans. Time to look for higher pay job or earn extra income somehow… How can I even start saving up for my marriage?

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