11 July 2009

Friends of mine...

As I live longer in this world, I have notice things that also give value to people you call hmmmm friends…

Lots and lots of things you can argue on how to measure a friend, but I personally give importance to five things of which two I will talk about in this post.

One of it is money. It shows something if someone willingly helps when you are in a financial tight spot and also very generous with the time for you to pay their money back. Also it shows something if a person settle his debt in timely manner.

I have met people who love to encourage you in buying something so that they can also benefit from the thing I will buy. Sharing is good but to the extend you are being used is not really appealing. Especially when we are friends, I would have thought there should be a balance in giving and taking.

I would think that a person is a good friend if that person happily chips in buying a movie that we can watch together, agree to share batteries for electronics games that we play together, split the receipt of groceries for meals we share together and so on. Basically for someone who just happily ignore or I do not know how to say it, just enjoy whatever it is like a parasite, gaining something from someone resources without for them to put in anything is just plain sick and cheap.

Unless that person clearly said that he wanted to gives something for everyone to share, do try to share in buying stuff that you know you will share or for food you will consume together. It is just plain annoying to state that everyone should chip in whenever someone buys something for everyone. It also helps to ask whether that person is alright to buy it or ask whether he wants to share the cost. Be considerate if we are to be friends…

The other one would be borrowing things. I do not mind you using or borrowing my stuff, but do please return them. As Soon As You Had Use Them. You will never know when I will have that cake making mood and I want all my stuff there when I am in the mood to bake a cake. Or do anything with the stuff you guys borrowed even. There are times I wished I had written the name of people who borrow my stuff. My stuff grew less and less and I do not know who uses them.

But, I also think that those stuff and money people borrowed and the amount of time taken to pay or give them back just shows how much of friend they are to me. It is useless to keep forwarding nice messages of friends, to celebrate friendship days or anything that have anything to do with friends, if you cannot even give my stuff back or pay whatever you owe me.

There are also people who did not like you later on in their life but still kept your stuff and seem like never to return it. Well… To be honest, they had never returned any of it. And I would think that, since they did not like me anymore, they would give it back so that they would not have to be reminded of me anymore through the stuff they had borrowed from me. Nope, it never works that way so far. Friendship ended, my stuff is theirs.

Friend or no, please have the courtesy to return the stuff. Or at least replace it. Whether you like me or not, is not it a responsible to give back what is not yours? GIVE BACK MY STUFF IF YOU DO NOT LIKE ME FOR IT IS STILL MINE!

All I know is, those people whom I never get to see again ever since the day they borrow my money or stuff, are possibly better off not to be my friend anyway. Possibly, they worth as much as the stuff or amount of money they borrow. To think how much more I would have lost should they become my friend, I shudder at the thought of it…

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