14 December 2008

Chicken Curry...

Once a upon a time, there was a boy who was called Monkey. He had three good friends who he often visits at his free time. Good friends they were indeed and they always share their food and do things together.

One day, when he was in the company of his three good friends, his stomach rumbled hungrily and the three friends invited him for dinner.

“We are going to cook.” said Dynamic, one of his good friends.
“Please do stay and join us.” said Fluid, the other good friend.
“We don’t mind having you with us.” said Uranium, the third good friend of his.

So he decided to stay and join them for dinner.

“We have chickens, enough for all of us.” said Dynamic.
“We are going to cook curry, chicken curry for all of us.” said Fluid.
“Don’t worry, you don’t have to help us with anything.” said Uranium.

Thus the three good friends cooked up a delicious smell chicken curry. The rice had cooked and they served everything on the table. The table was set in no time and soon everyone was sitting at the table waiting to eat.

Dynamic put the rice on everybody plates. Uranium poured the curry gravy on the rice. Fluid put the chicken pieces on everybody plates… except for Monkey.

So Monkey waited a bit, for somebody to put at least a piece of chicken on his plate. Dynamic had started to eat, Fluid had begun chomping his chicken pieces and Uranium was putting aside his veggies… Still, nobody bother to notice that Monkey had no chicken pieces on his plate.

Monkey poked around the bowl full of curry gravy, hoping he can get a piece of chicken for himself, thinking that he had to serve himself. A little bit later, he was disappointed that all of the chicken pieces were already been distributed among the three good friends of his.

He kept quiet, eating his rice and chicken gravy curry until it finished, nodding politely when one of his good friends asked him to get second helping.

On that dinner, he had known his three friends better. Those chicken pieces that he could not eat told him that in the future; there will be more chicken pieces that he will be offered but not able to eat. His friends, by being too polite had offended him and shown insincerity when the invite him to eat with them.

No matter how good a friend are, when it comes to food, only then you will know whether they are truly a good friend or not.


Nadlique said...

Macam kenal je cerita ni :D

Ey, bila mau keluar makan? Lama tak jumpa kau.

DarkErebus said...

Bukan kisah sebenar... Bagitau jer, bila kau lapang. Aku tak buat apa sangat pun sekarang. Melainkan lepak ngan orang jer...