04 September 2013

This Year Eid Fitr...

Assalamualaikum and Wishes of Peace to you.

A lot of changes were brought to this year Eid Fitr in our family. We have new family members. I got married in March and my sister in July. This will also be another year where most of the family members were not around during Ramadhan. My sister and brothers are studying in the universities far from where we live.

Family portrait incomplete... Another ripple in our life...
Thus we look forward to see everybody during Ramadhan and of course during Eid Fitr. It will be one of the few occasions where you will get to see all of us together.

What we had forgotten is all of us aged, we got older. With each passing years, we pick up new ideals, change our way of thinking, our priority etc.

It is very sad to see the only one who looks forward to see the family whole is only my mother. I knew she had been counting days to see one by one of her children home. One of her greatest wish for this Eid was to see all of her children plus my wife and my sister husband in the family photo.

We always take the whole family photo every Eid. We were supposed to do so this year. Alas, mother was left with just the wish.

I guess it is during time like this that we get to see who or what are the priorities in our life. Maybe Allah gave us tests and made us chose. Unfortunately, we did not get to make mother’s simplest wish to come true. Probably we forgot who we should please the most in the first place. In our excitement, we forgot to make one person that loves us the most, the happiest. We easily gave in to our own selfish desires and wants. So much so that we could not grant the simplest wish of a mother.

Just a reminder to whoever read this, truly we do not know how soon death will greet us. Truly we will all be tested in even the simplest way and without us knowing. When we said we love a person, we will be tested to exactly show just how much we love a person.  When we realized that, let us hope it is not too late to shower our love.

Do treasure the time you have with your family. You will be the luckiest person if you get the chance to do so again in the near future. But what if that pleasure is not given to you anymore? Truly we do not want to lengthen the list of things we regret in our life…

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