02 September 2013


Assalamualaikum and good day.

Here is something that was shared with me during my life as an engineer who work offshore… I had added and changed a few things but the message that we the offshore men want people to know remain the same.

For all the guys wanting to work offshore and abroad take stock before you sign on the dotted line :

YES you get a good wage
YES you can up your lifestyle with a nice home car and holidays
YES the financial rewards are tempting
YES you do get a considerable time at home when you are home
YES you are in a cabin or prison cell for twelve hours a day and working the other twelve 
YES you have to share with people who snore and smell
YES you have to put up with substandard cramped conditions and food 
YES You do miss your loved ones 


NO you will not be there for all your kids’ birthdays 
NO you will not make it to every party, BBQ or whoever 40th, 60th, 80th birthday anniversary 
NO you will not always see your kids swim or ride a bike for the first time
NO you will not be there at holy trinity or school plays and see them being presented with a medal for sports day or a high achievement
NO you will not always be there and will feel helpless and far away in times of family crisis
NO you will not be there to bury a family member or close friend

SO BEFORE ANYONE JUDGES SOMEONE WHO HAS THE GUTS TO WORK AWAY AND TRY TO MAKE A BETTER LIFE FOR HIS FAMILY DON'T say he is lucky or he is minted !!!!! He has sacrificed more than half his life to make his family's life a GOOD one filled with happiness and hope.

I will elaborate more with my own experience working offshore in the next post…

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