10 January 2013

Things to do…


Alright then, I will have to apologize but my blog will be ranting more on lovey dovey stuff such as wedding for a while…


I have few things in my hand now that I need to do in order to get our wedding to run smoothly. Though I had been prepared, there is lots of stuff to be done.

  1. We had just worked out the guest list. We need to know how many people will be invited so that we can work out the budget for the food. So far, the most expensive item on my wedding list. If I give in to my mother, aunties and my grandmother, the whole citizen of this place where I live should be invited. I had to beg them not to do so.
  2. Invitation cards… This is also one of the controversial items. I am trying to work out my ideas and need to do it fast because my wedding date is very soon and we need to give out the cards as early as possible.
  3. Securing the wedding location… Alhamdulillah my future partner and I had agreed to do it at the Masjid. Others had not really put too much resistance on our decision as well, alhamdulillah for that as well.
  4. Decoration… We also do not want to spend so much on the decoration and want it to be simple yet elegant. Been searching the website for ideas and I will discuss this in greater details soon.
  5. Menu… Had worked out the food issues as well. Should not be a problem. The cost should not be a problem as well and will be enough to get good and delicious food for our guests.
  6. Ring… Still hunting for the one that will look good on my lovely wife finger… I had scrapped the customized ring ideas since the time is too short and the cost is quite errrr… expensive.
  7. Paperwork… Will only start as soon as we hand in our marriage forms. We can only do that after my wife to be had attended the marriage course. Yes, it is compulsory here in my country. And no, you do not have to wait until you want to get married to do so. Most of the alim and ulama will advise you to do it as early as possible, the best time to do it is when you have the intention to get married, so that you will be better prepared for your marriage life. Put it this way, if you want to be an engineer, you attend the 4 years plus university course. Marriage you want it to last forever, so more time should be put to prepare for it then…
And that is about it. I will talk on each item in details later and probably let you guys know the latest news on the stuff I need to cover before my big day, insyaallah.

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