03 October 2012


Dear whoever is reading this…

I had been involved with lots of weddings lately… the best advice I can give for me who is going to get married as well as to any of you who will be doing the same:

Plan your wedding earlier and get someone who you can trust to execute and take care of it on your special day. Do bear in mind, this advice is meant for wedding in Malaysia and probably need to be change slightly according to your local customs.

By right, when you have thought of getting married, you should have some ideas how your wedding should be. Rough cost estimation depending on how fancy your wedding should be or will be. Who will be attending or rather who will be invited or have to be invited… and this entire plans of yours have to complement with your spouse’s ideas as well.

The floor manager, the ceremony keeper or whatever you call the person who overlook your precious wedding on that day HAVE TO BE SOMEONE YOU CAN TRUST and understand your wedding plans and needs very well. He will make sure everything is in order, prepared, all the stuff you need are easily accessible, all the important people will be there and briefed with whatever stuff you need them to do etc.

For some reasons, your immediate family members are not the best choice. This is because; they will also need to be the host, meaning they will have to greet the guests, takes photos with people, usher important guests, chat with other family relatives, receiving presents etc. the immediate family members are already occupied with these responsibility. Cousins or best friends will be better.

There this one wedding I attended, where the floor manager assigned was the bride’s sister. On the wedding day itself, instead of managing the wedding stuff, she went to beauty salon with her sister. It was quite a chaos after since nobody really knows what need to be done and stuffs were forgotten.

There was also this one time where the bride insisted to be the floor manager. That WAS A HUGE MISTAKE! She could not be around to oversee the whole wedding arrangement as she had to be elsewhere. She had to put on makeup and dress up. When she could go to the wedding, of course she came in as the bride and ushered to the stage. And the whole time on the stage, there was nothing much she could do. The wedding had lots of flaws due to the person in charge was sitting on the stage.

So if you really want a good sweet unforgettable wedding which you hope to happen only once in your life time, then think carefully. You really need to get help if you want to do a huge wedding. Unless you can come up with a plan for a small manageable wedding, don’t gamble your precious wedding and regret it later for the rest of your life.

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