20 January 2011

My Office...

Lately my boss is getting to hype up with people getting into the office on time. Maybe he wants to get his money worth… Also maybe it is because he just gave us a raise, he regret that action and this is a way to get that money back…

Anyway, he is so obsess with it that our punch-in system is going to evolve with few rules and regulations. Before, we just have to punch our card into the errrrr… punch machine.

After that we have this security system, where every worker has to have a card each for them to enter the premise and punch our card into the punch machine.

Whoever comes in late will get a red punch card. Which mean certain amount of your salary will be deducted. He does not want us to do banking, sending mails or other stuff during working hours. Understandable… but even if there are no other stuff to do in the office. With that he provided an answer: Get half day leave if you need to do all that stuff. Just another way to finish up your precious leaves and if you have none, another saving for the company! Nice one boss!

Seeing that we can still get away with the punch card system by asking a good colleague
To punch-in instead (a good colleague who come early that is), he then devises another plan. Get a watch dog! He gets another worker to take up part time job as a guard, guarding so that a person can only punch-in once and not more than that.

It is good to come in on time. It is your responsibility as a worker. It is also not every day we come in late. There are these everyday things that you cannot control. Like the traffic, weather and other unplanned, random events (such as the need to go to toilet, driving people to other destination, fill up the car petrol, etc). So at times, it is nice if he can be a bit understanding and tolerate. After all we are not very late, just few minutes late (by few minutes, it range between 5 to 10 minutes). And to make thing worse, we do not really have lots of stuff to do.

So I heard, he will have fingerprint scanner installed in the future. How soon it will be implemented, hard to say. But he is very keen to have that. Then he will not only foil the-ask-your-buddy-to-punch-for-you-in-the-morning technique but also will be able to catch those who came in late after morning break and lunch break. With that, he will also be able to monitor each and every person movement in the office. Sneaky…

In the future, I will not be surprise if he even gets us implanted with chip so that he can track us using GPS. Or to make it better, he get a helicopter for the company and get a guy to hover around the city where I live. Then, if we come in late because of the traffic jam, he will be able to show the photos of every route taken until 8am and confirm that we are stuck in the jam or lying.

It is time to look for another company then.
This is really fun!

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