17 August 2009

Of Going Here and There...

Life after my graduation has been so unpredictable so far.

In a way, it is good because I get to do stuff I had only dream of when I was studying.

I graduated with high expectation of getting a job fast. Now, I am kind of expecting another no from another company I applied to. Like many people had said, a really bad time to graduate and to look for a job.

I am grateful that, while waiting to land a proper job, I had a part time job. A job where you will get more pay if you work more hours. With nothing much to do, hey, that will do. At least, I could pay for my stuff, bills, food (which was lots and lots of food) and courses.

It does feel good not to depend on my parents to do stuff that you want to do. Now I had lost that freedom until I get myself a job… Which can be any time now… Preferably NOW!

I do kind of hate to shift around. This time I had to move lots of stuff… Cripes, all the rubbish I had been collecting all these years, are truly rubbish. Books on the other hand, I could not part with. Sail with me to another place until we can get a proper place for ourselves.

I do not mind going around, as long as money keep coming in…

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