24 April 2009

Raining raining in whose country...

Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik negeri sendiri.

A Malay saying, basically it means, raining gold at other country, raining stone in your own country, it is still better your own country.

It is one of the sayings that I often heard and one of the sayings that I do not really like. To me, this saying kills the spirit of adventure and loving somewhere else in one heart.

People go around and stay at a place for many reasons. Each has their own reason to be at that place, so why would you want to questions his reason for staying at one place? Should that saying is truly applied in your life and practise fully, I will tell you that, things may not be what it is today.

Home is always a place you love to come back too because you are comfortable there already. You know your mother will cook for you and you are in your own familiar surrounding. To me, any places that I am comfortable with are my homes. It is good to be at home with my parents and be pampered but I do feel the need to walk on my own too. To be able to create my own home. Anywhere that will be…

Look around and think, where does your parents came from? Your grandparents? Your uncles and aunties in law? Your friends? I am very sure, most of them, at one point in their life, start off somewhere else to be at where they are now. Call it fate but if they do not migrate, then, you may not even exist…

I for one think that this is one of the culprits for why one of the races in my country does not venture out of their country. Not even to my state which is still under the same country. All because we are divided by sea. Compare to some races that we know of, they are basically all over the world.

I have not asked them but I am pretty sure they will not have that saying in their culture.

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