26 March 2009

Perfect world...

One of my favourite quotes from Spiderman: One More Day…

“You know why guys like me get into games like that?

Because there’s something missing. We look around at a world where there used to be a chance of being a hero, of being important… And it’s just not there the way it used to be.

You can’t just pick up a gun and become a gunfighter, or go off and explore for a new world, or pull a sword out of a stone, or rescue a damsel in distress, or - -

So we play GAMES and we read BOOKS because the world we got isn’t the world we thought we were SUPPOSED to get, the world we thought we’d been PROMISED by SOMEBODY.

Because things didn’t turn out the way they were SUPPOSED to. So we go someplace else.”

“But those places don’t really exist.”

“Yeah, well, nothing’s perfect, right?”


hachimitsu-kuroba said...

Actually that makes sense. Does that mean everyone has a Hero Complex?

DarkErebus said...

I suppose so. Everybody wishes to be more than human, to be somewhere nicer. To me, that is what it may meant to be when he refer to hero. Thanks for dropping by!