16 September 2008

Touching story for you...

This story I grabbed from one of my good friend’s blog, Ong Sue Hui…
When I first read it, I was so deeply touched that I asked her permission to put it in my blog so I can share it with my blog readers…
~ Brother's Love ~

I was born in a small and remote village in the mountain range. Day by day, my parents plough in the dried yellow field. I have 1 brother, who is 3 years younger than me. One day, I decided to buy a handkerchief which I see all the other girls around me buy and using it. Hence, I stole 50 cents from my father's cupboard. Soon after, my father came to know about it. He made my brother and I kneel in front of the wall with a bamboo stick in his hands. "Who stole the money?" My father asked. He looked at me but I was too afraid to speak. My father didnt hear someone say " I do " so he said, " ok then, both of you deserve to take this strike!" He pick up the bamboo stick and was about ready to hit both of us.

Suddenly my brother held his hands up and said " Father, I did it ! " That long stick hit and beat my brother's back so many times. My father got so angry and hit so many times until he was breathing heavily. After that, He sat on our brick bed and said angrily, " You learn to steal from home right now, what an embarrassing thing that you would do in future? ...... You deserve to be hit until you die! You are a very embarrassing thief !" That night, My mom and I held my brother in our hug. His body was full of wounds but he did not cry. In the middle of that night, I suddenly cried loudly. My brother covered my mouth using his small hands and said, " Sister, do not cry anymore. What has happen has already happen." I am still hating myself cause I did not have the courage to admit I did it. Many years passed by but that incident still seems as if it only happened yesterday. I will never forget my brother's face when he protected me. At that time, my brother was 8 years old and I was 11 years old.

My brother was in his last year at Junior high school, he graduated to Senior high school in the city. At the same time, I was also being enrolled into the university at the downtown. One night my father sit in front of our yard, and took out his tobacco cigarette one by one. I heard him said in a grumpy voice, " Our children give us a very good result....a very good result..." My mother's tears flowed but she took a breather and said, " What is the use? How we can finance both of them at the same time?" Shortly my brother walk towards my father and said, " Father I don't want to go to school again, I have had enough education. " My father hit my brother in his face. "Why are you so weak? You fool! Even if it means I have to become a beggar on the street, I will find whatever ways there is possible to finance both of you until you graduate!"

After that he knock every door in that mountain range village to get a loan. I try to caress my brother puffy face gently and said, " A boy must have an education if not he will never leave being poor." And I had already decided I will not enter into the university. However, who knows in the early morning my brother left the house with some of his worn-out clothes and dried nuts. He walked beside my bed and left a paper on my pillow : " Sister, Getting into the university is not so easy. I will find a job and send you the money" I held that paper on my bed and cried loudly until my voice sounds hoarse. In that year, my brother was 17 years old and I 20 years old.

With the money that my father got from the whole village and what my brother earned from carrying the cement on his back at the construction location, I was able to study the whole 3 years at university. One day, while I was studying in my room, my room mate came in and inform me " there is a village man waiting for you outside!" I wondered who it could be from the village looking for me? I walk out and found my brother standing far away, most of his body dirty and saddled by the dust of cement and sand.

I asked him ' why didn't you tell my room mate that you are my brother?" He smile and said " Look at me, What will they think if they know I am your brother? Will they not be laughing you?" I felt so sad and tears filled my eyes. I clean the dust from my brother and while crying said, " I dont care what they say ! You are my brother the way you are! You are my brother whatever you look...." From his pocket, he took out a hair accessories with a butterfly model. He wore it on me and explain " I saw all the girls in down town use it. so i think you should have one too." I could not control my tears anymore. I hug my brother closely and cried and cried. That year he was 20 years old and I 23 years old.

The first time when I brought my boyfriend home, the broken window glass was already changed and it was so clean every where. After my boyfriend went home, I was dancing like a little girl in front of my mom. "Mom, you dont have to take so many times to clean our home!" But she said with smile " your brother got home early and clean this home. Dont you know the injury on his hand? He injured it while repairing that new window glass.."

I went into my brother's small room, and touch his thick face, I felt a thousand needle touched me. I gave him the medicine and took care of my brother's injuries softly. "Does that hurt you very much? " I asked him " No, it does not hurt me. You know, when I am working at the construction place, the stone would drop on my foot each time but that did not stop me from working and...." In the middle of his sentences he suddenly stop. I knelt down beside him and my tears flowed and I cant stop it. That year my brother was 23 years old and I 26 years old .

After I got married, I lived down town. There were so many times my husband and I invited my parents to come and live with us but they refused. They said if they leave the village, they would not know what to do. My brother also dont agree and said " sister you just need to take care your mother and father in law. I will take care of our mother and father down here" My husband is a director in my brother's factory. We wanted him to accept the managerial position in the maintenance department. But my brother refuse it and still want to continue to work as the reparation employee One day, My brother was at the stairs repairing the cable, He got into a electricity accident and was being hospitalized.

My husband and I hurry down to see him. When I saw the white gips on his leg, I grumbled, "Why did you refuse to become the manager? The manager would not need to do something as dangerous like this. Look at you now, you are so seriously injured. Why didnt you heed us before?" With his determined and serious face, he tried to argue his decision. " Think of Brother in law, he just got promoted to become the director and yet I do not have much education. If I become the manager that way, what kind of gossip would there be?" Then my husband's eyes filled with tears, and the words came out of my mouth one by one: " You had less education because of me!" " Why are you talking about the past?" My brother just held my hand. That year, He was 26 years old and I 29 years old.

When my brother was 30 years old he married one of the farmer girl in that village. During the wedding ceremony, the host ask him, " Who is the one that you care and get your honor?" Without thinking he answer, " My sister Then he told of 1 story which I have no recollection of. " When I went to primary school, which is in a different village. Every day my sister and I have to walk 2 hours to school and to home. One day I lost one of my gloves and my sister gave one of hers to me. She just used one of the gloves and walked so far. When we reach home, her hands trembled because of the cold weather until she was unable to use her chopsticks properly. Since that day, I made a promise to myself. As long as I am alive, I will take care of my sister and will be good to her."
A round of applause filled the entire room. All the guests looked at me. The words have difficulty in coming out of my mouth, " In my life, The one that I really want to say thank you so much is my brother." At that very happy occasion and facing the whole lotof everyone, my tears flew down my face like a river.
~~ Story End ~~
Very very touching that this story brought tears to my eyes… Such a sensitive guy I am… Thanks Sue!


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