15 September 2008

Happy 45th Malaysia Day!

31st August 1957 was the day Peninsular Malaysia gains its freedom from the British. The Malaysia that we know today was formed only few years after that, on the 16th September 1963. Although this has been mentioned many times in the books, in the school and in fact it is a well known fact, it is a sad thing that many people do not seem to know that. It is even weirder that we keep celebrating the Independence Day on the 31st August.

On 31st August should only be the Independence Day for the Peninsular Malaysia and on 16th September is the Malaysia Day. Can you spot the different there? If we, the Malaysian wish to be united, at least get the fact right. Correct fact will create better understanding and when we can understand each other better, we will be united…

It is also a sad fact that the Peninsular Malaysian does not know the East Malaysian side well too…

The fear they have for the East Malaysian, the misinformation they heard and hold to can be very sickening for a country who boasts its technology and information system…. Get the fact right! Know your backyard better! Shame on you people who have high education but still does not know thing in your own country!

It is strange to be told that going to the East Malaysia is very far, very tedious, very hard and very scary but going to other places such as Australia, United Kingdom or United States does not bring up those problems… For us Malaysians who are now well educated, I am very sure you can measure the distance well… You do not even have to be a civil engineer to do that.

Be fair to the East Malaysian too. For we live in the same country. There are some rights which are ours and should be given to us…

Aku by Saleh ben Joned “Sajak sajak Salleh” taken from Mat Som by Lat (1989)

Aku warganegara merdeka:
Kemerdekaan Negara Kemerdekaanku…
Kebebasan kepadaku hanya satu beban:
Apa pemimpin kata
Aku ikut saja;
Akal yang diberi Tuhan
Tak payah digunakan-
Kecuali untuk cari makan…

Keraguan dan kerinduan jiwa(jika ada)
Kubawa berlari,
Berlari dari rumah ke pejabat
dari pejabat ke rumah
hingga hilang segala sangsi
dalam bunyi lantang peti TV
tiap tiap malam hari.

Sambil ternganga tengok TV
Aku menjilat jari
Begitu sedapnya ayam Kentucky
Dan aku akan lebih tidak peduli.
Aku mahu hidup begini seribu tahun lagi…

The translations:

I’m a citizen of an independent land
My land’s independence is my independence…
Freedom for me is a burden:
Whatever the leaders say
I just follow;
The brain God has given
Need not be used-
Except to earn a living…

Doubts and yearnings of the spirit (if any)
I cure by running,
Running from my house to the office
From the office to my house
Till all questioning is drowned
by the noise of the TV
each night.

As I gape at the TV
I’m licking my fingers
That good Kentucky chicken.
And I shall care less and less.
I want to live this way another thousand years…

With all that is happening in our country, wake up Malaysians… With all the turmoil in our country, wake up Malaysians… Wake up and know each other. Know your country and its people. Know the language and its history. Only then you will love your country and only then peace will be among the Malaysians.


un6 said...

Hey. I miss reading Mat Som. I read the comic ages ago. I used to skip the sajak bit because it didn't interest me. So, thanks for putting it up now that I understand and am able to appreciate it.

I love that bit about "kerinduan jiwa" suppressed by materialism. How true is that reality? Where a number of people keep breathing but not living?

DarkErebus said...

No problem. Glad you enjoy it.