04 July 2008

Living with humans...

The more time I spend with humans, I either get to know them more or less… The group of people I am with is achieved through friendship that is not built with smiles and sweet words. Do not get me wrong here, it is not that I do not smile or what but to me friends should be more than people who will be there for you not just when it is fun but also when things get ugly.

So far, the good friends I have will be the one who will tell me when I did something wrong. If I do the stupid jig and embarrass him, he will tell me to stop. When I get angry, listen and tell me why I should not be angry. To tell you the truth, these humans are hard to get and indeed they are very valuable to me.

There are people who will be nice to you for a while but later on forget you. There are people who will only call when they are in need but when they have fun, they will forget you. They are people who seem to be the best of friend at first but later on will forget you. To these people, I am sorry we cannot always be together but I thank you for all the valuable experience that I hope will make me a better person.

I believe that whatever nice or bad thing that happen to you is a very valuable experience to guide you in this living world…

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