01 February 2012

Temjin 747 8A

I had bought one Virtual On model, Temjin 747 8A last year, in October.

Also known as White Rainbow Knight, it is one of the most beautiful Temjin models I had seen in Temjin family.

This is also the first time I get myself a non Bandai model. After doing a lot of Gundams, thought I want to try on something non Gundam and since I had wanted to get my hand on the Virtual On for so long, I decided to get one.

Here is the box:

I google up Temjin 747 8A to get some tips on how to build the model and found that Hasegawa Virtual On models use lots and lots of decals.

No kidding.

Here are the decals for Temjin 747 8A:

Two sheets of wonderful detailed decals. Some are very very tiny… It was quite a nerve wrecking sight especially for me. I had never touch decals yet so far in my plastic model building life and this will pose to be my greatest challenge yet...

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